Defence and Homeland Security,

The fast-changing world of today has generated new challenges in Defence & Homeland Security. In an increasingly complex world, PIS a pioneer and leader in Defence & Homeland Security, capitalizes on its team’s military expertise and experience in Defence & Homeland Security technologies to provide innovative systems and solutions in the fields of communication, command, Control, reconnaissance and simulation. (C4ISR), moreover, our team can supply, install, integrate, support, spares, repairs through all project life cycle.

Defense contractors and government agencies require cutting-edge defense technology and creative solutions. PIS is focusing on the advances and potential of using Modeling & Simulation in Defense and Homeland Security framework. It will bring experts together for presenting and discussing all type of innovation related to the use of M&S in Defense and Homeland Security applications.

PIS Defence and Homeland Security Solutions comprise of end-to-end system engineering solutions that meet the complex requirements of Defence Electronics application for strategic and tactical operations. This includes citizen security, Mobile C4ISR, Border/Coastal Surveillance and Critical Infrastructure Protection.

• Tactical Gears / Special Clothing
• Maritime Security
• Radios & Wireless Communications Systems
• Tactical Intercom Systems & PABX
• Simulators and Electronic Shooting Ranges
• Counter-Terrorism
• Cyber Security
• Border Security
• Signals Intelligence
• Video Surveillance
• Perimeter Security
• Jammers
• Force Protection
• Armored Vehicles/Bullet Proof Glass
• Night Vision Goggles
• Explosive Detectors
• Drug Detectors and Whole Body Scanners
• Robotic Systems
• Target Illumination and Range Finding Systems
• Spare Parts for Vehicles and Systems